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This page has information about the many resources from websites that support the Voice to Parliament that are available to download and use in activities leading to the Referendum at the end of 2023.

Yes Campaign websites

Ulutu Dialogues Image
Uluru Statement from the Heart, Uluru Dialogues, cultural authority on the Uluru Statement
Yes 23 – National Yes campaign
Together Yes information event recording
Together Yes– National kitchen table conversation movement
ANTAR – Answering the calls of the Uluru Statement in full.
Allies for Uluru Image
Allies for Uluru – 200+ member organisations & corporations
 in support of Voice, Treaty, Truth

Yes Campaign Advertisements & Promotion

Advertisement by Uluru Dialogues, cultural authority on the Uluru Statement 
Yes 23 Join Us advert
Join Us advertisement by Yes23
More and more multicultural communities are stepping up and saying YES to the Voice referendum. Check out multiculturalforvoice.org and spread the word!

Readings of Uluru Statement from the Heart


The Uluru Dialogue have produced a short on-line course that explains a Voice to Parliament and the need for a referendum.
Everything you need to know about the voice VideoLab
Everything you need to know about the Voice, 13mins
Political reporter, Dana Morse, takes a deep dive into everything you need to know about the Voice.
What is an Indigenous Voice to Parliament The Guardian, 23 Feb 2023
Anne Twomey Constitutional Clarion
Constitutional Clarion by Anne Twomey, Professor Emerita of the University of Sydney, who has taught and practised in constitutional law and policy for a long time, includes contemporary discussion, broad public education and some is directed at school students.
Dismantle the myths and have your concerns addressed one by one, without judgement with Shelley Reys AO

Booklets & Guides

As we move towards a historic referendum on Indigenous Recognition and a Voice to Parliament, the Edmund Rice Centre for Justice and Community Education has provided a Resource Kit with links to significant websites to encourage engagement and support for a Yes Vote.
Voice Partnership Empowerment explained
Voice Partnership Empowerment explained booklet, from Empowered Communities (Indigenous leaders from across Australia).

Yes Campaign Resources

The Uluru Dialogue resources page has posters, flyers and social media tiles and information to assist you in getting the message out to you networks.
Passing the Message Stick Launch June 6, 2023 Transformational Change Findings from the next round of Passing the Message Stick research. You can watch the full briefing here and the briefing slides can be found here.
Come Walk With Us – Community Discussion Starter, short version of MUA documentary about the importance of Constitutional Recognition of Australia’s First Nations people. Maritime Union of Australia, 7 June, 2023

Together, Yes Community Info Session from April 2023, presented by Mary Crooks AO – learn about the Together, Yes campaign.
Megan Davis explains the Uluru Statement from the Heart | Living Black | NITV | 23 May 2022
GetUp have launched their Write Yes campaign. Click here to view website and make the pledge.
Passing the Message Stick early insights briefing – Building Public Support to Win Change for First Nations Justice.
Q&A Garma Special with Dean Parkin, Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, June Oscar, Linda Burney, Mayatili Marika, Yingiya Mark Guyula, 1 August 2022
Together Yes: How communities can support the Yes vote – The Community Independents Project webinar by Mary Crooks, Victorian Women’s Trust, 14 Feb 2023
GetUp CEO Larissa Baldwin-Roberts online briefing & Q&A session on how to use the lessons gained from past wins, 24 Apr 2023
Sydney Peace Prize Lecture delivered by Prof Megan Davis, 2 Dec 2022
Boyer Lectures 2022, delivered by Indigenous lawyer and academic Noel Pearson.
Dr Charles Perkins Oration 2022, delivered by Larissa Baldwin, ABC iview
Thomas Mayo | TEDxMelbourne | 28 Apr 2023, From young nation to the longest continuous civilisation on the planet

Merchandise & Social Media Assets


The Voice to Parliament Handbook
A clear, concise and simple guide written by Thomas Mayo and Kerry O’Brien to help better understand what a Voice to Parliament actually means.
QE Voice of Reason Megan Davis
For those who like to delve a little deeper, look out for Professor Davis’ Quarterly Essay exploring the history of the Voice and providing some fantastic concrete examples of how it will make a difference.
Uluru-669x1024 smaller
Written by two of Australia’s best-known constitutional experts, it includes how the Constitution was drafted, what the 1967 referendum achieved, and the lead-up and response to the Uluru Statement.
Statements from the Soul
The moral case for the Uluru Statement from the Heart. A rallying cry of support across religious and political divisions, this book shows that the Uluru Statement goes to the heart of who we are as a country and is essential to reconciliation. With a foreword by Noel Pearson and preface by Henry Pinskier